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love this! not my work.. but brilliant!
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Words brought tears to my eyes..

“I dance in surrender to Him,
To His Glory,
To His Love,
To His World.

With a lilting melody and a strong rhythm…
A dance of separation and union…
Of hope…
A pattern of light and shade…
The fire of the eternal dance of moths.”

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First edited photo of the finished product from our epic 2-layer black and gold 14-hour shoot collaboration
The first piece of beauty to come out of my first shoot with Michael Rosner of Eye Level Studio , an amazing artist and all-around great guy. We couldn’t have done it without our team! Stay tuned for more images from this shoot.
Photography / David Gueringer PhotographyHair / Destiny LindModel / Aliya Kalypso ChoudheryBody Paint / Michael RosnerVideographer / Alisa DaglioAssistant / Tara Saylor
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An old drawing of the constellation #pleiades from an old #Islamic manuscript. In Arabic the constellation goes by the name Al Thuraya, The Seven Sisters.
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brilliant. (Source: R-2-D2, via loganandjosh)
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#makeup #bollywood #Indian #bodypaint #facepaint #jewelry #photoshoot #crystals

are there
under your eyes?

Maybe they were displaced by whoever gored her? WTF is this?

i think i’m gonna go vomit now.

I mean, dress up however you want, OP, but please don’t use cultural items like the bindi incorrectly and then claim that you look “Bollywood,” because you don’t.

calm down I chose to use the bindis that way for a change and it was part of a much more elaborate look for a photoshoot that I chose not to post on instagram yet. I’m a kathak dancer, have lived in Pakistan and India, and have watched Bollywood my entire life. I don’t post much on tumblr but wow, how quick people are to jump on such random small things with hateful comments.. wth?
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Playing with the #snake while getting #makeup done.. I want one!!
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Playtime! #snake #photoshoot
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Sorting through a small portion of my #gypsy #bling for tomorrows shoot !
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Blessing the stage with an opening ritual ceremony for Nudigenous performance at the Vibiana Cathedral, downtown LA.